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The Israeli Association for Aquatic Sciences (IAAS) was founded in 2003 and currently includes about 600 active members. We aim to foster scientists and students interested in aquatic sciences, studying oceans, lakes, rivers, and streams. IAAS focuses on the impacts of global environmental change and upraising concerns about our aquatic systems.

IAAS holds an annual multidisciplinary scientific conference in Israel to provide a platform for exchanging cutting-edge aquatic science while at the same time strengthening the bonds between young and established aquatic researchers.

The membership in IAAS is open to all who are interested in aquatic sciences. By ‘aquatic sciences’ we refer to all aspects of the study of marine and inland aquatic systems.

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20-11-2022 Annual Meeting

Meet our

Board Members

Prof. Yeala Shaked (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and IUI Eilat)


Dr. Matan Oren ( Ariel University)


Research interest: Marine plastic microbiome and biodegradation of plastic. Evolution of the immune system in marine Invertebrate.

Dr. Ayah Lazar (Israel Oceanographic and Limnological Research)

Committee Member

Dr. Daniel Sher (Haifa University)

Committee Member

Dr. Edo Bar-Zeev (Ben Gurion University)

Committee Member

DR. Tamar Guy-Haim (Israel Oceanographic and Limnological Research)

Committee Member

Research interests: Zooplankton; Bioinvasions; Species interactions; Trophic ecology; Climate change

Dr. yeal kiro (Weizmann Institute)

Committee Member

Dr. Nina Kamennaya ( Ben Gurion University)


Research interests: Ecology, physiology and biotechnology of cyanobacteria

Nimrod Krupnik (Technion)

Student representative

PhD student at Dedi meiri's lab, faculty of biology, Technion. Nimrod research aims to study and characterize seaweed based marine natural compounds with anti- cancer properties.

Dr. Maxim Rubin Blum (Israel Oceanographic and Limnological Research)

Committee Member

Dr. Shira Ninio (Israel Oceanographic and Limnological Research)

Committee Member

Tal Ben-Ezra (Haifa University)

Student representative

PhD student supervised by Prof. Michael Krom, Prof. Ilana Berman-Frank and Prof. Danny Tchernov dealing with phyto/bacterioplankton nutrient limitation and biogeochemical cycles.

Dr. Chana Kranzler (Bar-Ilan University)

Committee Member

Dr. Orr Shapiro (Volcani Institute)


Dr. omri bronstein (tel aviv university)

Committee Member


עושים גלים- חינוך והסברה מימיים

 חוקרי ותלמידי מדעי הימים והאגמים בישראל מחוייבים לחלוק את הידע והאהבה לתחום עם הקהילה ומעורבים בחינוך מדעי והסברה לשימור ופיתוח בר קיימא של מקווי מים.

אתם מוזמנים לצפות בכל התכנים והיוזמות הנגישים בעמוד הפורטל >>>


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